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Lifestyle Entrepreneur,
Performance Strategist,
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Perhaps best known as an emergent leader for the next generation, Corey Haynes is a sheer testament of unwavering perseverance with an indomitable spirit.

From birth, he endured ‘unspeakable tragedies’ that could have easily been setbacks or death. Never to have known his father and abandonment from his mother forced Corey to live in poverty-stricken environments infested with drugs and crime.

Needless to say, floating from 19 different homes in 18 years altered the trajectories in his life.

Rather than succumb to the disease of hopelessness and become a mere statistic, Corey shattered that misconception and broke through when the world expected him to break down.

Nevertheless, he could not stop there if he truly wanted to be a blueprint for generations to come. Drawing from his personal experiences and obtaining a B.A. in Human Relations from the University of Oklahoma and partnering with Fortune 500 companies globally, he vowed to be a vehicle for changing the world.

That vision sparked Corey to become founder and creator of Corey Inspires, LLC., a consulting, training and coaching firm helping their clients make change happen.

Rather than settle for incremental innovation, his firm is committed to pushing performance ahead of its time by standing on the principles that empower individuals and organizations to redefine what’s possible and fulfill their vision.

It’s more than an overwhelming passion; it’s an impulse and attitude driving Corey Inspires to lead today and improve tomorrow. A leader will inspire your fire to burn so bright the world will have to stand up and take notice.

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