Author: Corey Haynes

Many of us experience moments in our lives that shock us, scare us, change us, catch us by surprise, leave us feeling lost, or change our lives entirely. These experiences can happen in an instant, where a moment in time causes our life to change, or sometimes a series of events occur, and our life […]Continue reading

There are numerous reasons why many of us may lack assertiveness in some (or many) areas of our lives. The society we live in doesn’t exactly encourage assertive actions and behaviors. We are often conditioned, beginning at a young age, to behave like the flock of sheep, to live a predictable life, and to avoid […]Continue reading

Excellence isn’t a point on a map we reach, arrive, and unpack. It is not made up of a set of ideals we master and then frame and hang up on a wall. Human excellence is a continuous pursuit to be your best through constant development and upkeep throughout our lives. It is all things […]Continue reading