Transformational Coach

When was the last time you asked yourself, “What do I want?” “What’s next?” “How do I make it happen and achieve that goal?” “Why am I stuck?” “How can I find direction in my life?” “How can I reach my full potential?” Or you’re just ready to let go of the old you and begin a new identity. If these questions weigh heavy on your conscious or currently keep you awake at night, then this space may motivate you to open up the array of possibilities waiting for you by simply asking, questioning, and challenging the way you currently live out your personal and/or professional life. This space was created and inspired by people who were courageous at one point, just like you. One day they stopped, in the midst of their day-to-day lives, and asked themselves if they wanted more. A question led to a decision, a decision led to a search for answers, and the search led to the start of a new perspective on life. We welcome you to join us; we offer our help should you need guidance, and we encourage you to keep questioning, finding answers, and wanting more in celebration and fulfillment of finding your best life and your best self.


What is the difference between a life coach and a therapist or counselor?

A coach is for those of you who are in the in-between state, where you don’t feel you need a therapist or counselor, but you still feel that there are parts of you and your life in need of change and development. A therapist/counselor typically addresses specific stressors, issues, or symptoms that a person may experience. With a coach, the specifics of what you need/want may not always be evident to you at first. You just know that you want a life change, a better self, and the feedback and guidance of a coach will help you initiate this process. A coach can essentially be anything you want or need at a given point in your life: A sounding board, a mentor, a guru, a guide, or a listener. Maybe you are in need of honest feedback, an examination of your values, beliefs, or priorities, or outright confrontation. Your coach is an untold story, blank pages, for you to select and write your own journey.

What good is transformational coaching and why do I need someone to tell me how to live my life?

When people seek the services of a coach, they are typically looking to change the way they live their life by settings goals; understanding their thoughts and beliefs and how these factors affect the way they feel; and most importantly, making meaningful changes that will truly change the trajectory of their lives. Sometimes people have difficulty making significant life changes on their own, which is why a coach is an invaluable addition to many people’s lives. A coach is a mentor and guide who will be there to motivate and inspire you. The purpose of a coach is not to have someone judging your actions, decisions, and behaviors and dictate the way you should live your life. On the contrary, a coach will help you build upon your positive characteristics and towards a more engaged and compelling future.

Can transformational coaching help me lose weight?

A coach can guide you in sticking to your existing goals and objectives and maximize your chances of success. So if you already have a weight loss plan created by a qualified professional, your coach can guide you in resolving any ambivalence (which virtually everyone experiences prior to making a major life change) and create a personalized schedule of activities, daily habits, and change-oriented exercises that will increase the likelihood of you achieving your weight loss goals. Weight loss is a difficult achievement, and a coach can be there to provide you the support you need in times of wavering willpower or thoughts of giving up.

Can transformational coaching help me build deeper meaningful relationships?

One of the primary functions of any coach is addressing relationship issues with clients. It is pretty much impossible for relationship-related issues to notcome up at some point in coaching sessions. Human interactions are not easy, and it takes so much give and take for relationships to be mutually satisfying for everyone involved. Your coach can help you with work/professional relationships (e.g., coping with co-workers or a boss), romantic relationships (e.g., separation, divorce, engaged or recently married, keeping the spark alive), friendships (e.g., overcoming shyness, increasing socialization, or improving social skills), or other family relationships (e.g., raising children, coping with in-laws). The aim of your coach is to help you derive greater satisfaction from your relationships, improve communication, as well as become your best self in relationships.

‘You are in the right place’

Corey Haynes

The journey towards finding yourself doesn’t mean that you are lost. In fact, we believe that those who question their current existence and feel that they want more, that they can derive more, from their lives, are those who are already on the path to fulfilling their vision and becoming their best self. This journey brings about so many moments of challenge, change, doubt, and uncertainty. We know this because we started our own journey a long time ago and we are still on our own ongoing path to self-betterment.

Let us guide you during this critical, life-changing chapter in your life. There are no taboo topics, no barriers, no holding back, and certainly no judgment. This is a space of full acceptance of who you are and where you envision this journey taking you. And if you don’t fully accept yourself, love yourself, or believe you deserve more for yourself just yet, that’s okay too. We already know that you have an important mark to make in this world and that you have it in you to actualize your best self and live an extraordinary life.

What to expect if you sign up for coaching

We provide all of our potential clients with a free 30-minute ‘consultation and screening’ in order to understand your needs and make sure that our coaching is a good fit for you! After this initial meeting, your coach will contact you and guide you in selecting a coaching package. Review our coaching packages here.

We do not provide manualized or scripted coaching services. Sessions will be tailored to your unique needs and goals and will follow your coaching plan. A coaching plan is a written account that reflects your thoughts, goals, visions, challenges, and areas of potential change; basically, all the things you would like to achieve with the help and guidance of your coach. This plan is created between you and your coach, but you decide the ultimate direction of your plan.

Keep in mind that just as much as we follow the coaching plan, we can also readily and continuously amend it! The coaching plan and your individual sessions with your coach are flexible and changeable.

We provide unique and dynamic coaching sessions that will keep you motivated and inspired. A few examples of our interventions include journaling, goal-setting, open discussion, venting sessions, solution-focused planning, daily change acts, and more. Our coach brings experience and expertise while also understanding your needs and applying to each session the learning strategies that best fit your style and life circumstances.

You and your coach will continuously assess your progress and motivation towards your goals and determine whether your coaching plan requires any changes or updates. We believe in your ability to progress and grow from this transformation, and we look forward to guiding you on this journey. Your coach will celebrate your successes with you along the way and help you to learn and grow from the challenges you will face. We know that very soon there will come the time where you won’t need us anymore, and this is the moment for the greatest celebration of all. Know that we will always be here should you require our assistance (or even a quick check-in to let us know how everything’s going).

Our greatest achievement is when we know that our clients are utilizing the skills they have learned in coaching sessions (and throughout the overall journey) to inspire and motivate others to discover their best self. We encourage you to share this life change, serve as a guide or mentor, or even share your experience with others. This is, after all, the ultimate purpose of this journey.