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Senior & C-Suite Executives Coaching
Similar to elite athletes, senior and c-suite executives are required to consistently push the limits. They put in long hours, and their physical and mental state determines their ability to perform at high levels. Unlike elite athletes, executives do not have off-seasons and are expected to work days, nights, weekends, and be strong leaders in extreme and changing circumstances while enduring grueling road trips.
This pressure can be a recipe for “psychological quicksand,” which leads to compromising one’s well-being, bad eating habits, constant stress, working from a sleep deficit and depression beyond their control. There are no do-overs in health! We prioritize helping executives DISMANTLE THE BURNOUT EPIDEMIC and optimizing their health, performance, and vitality through nutrition, mindset, movement, and leadership.
Only then do we zero in and attack the areas needed to sustain high impact lifestyle behavioral changes: e.g., fear, diet, conflict management, staff development, performing under pressure, self-criticism, movement, recovery, energy, stress, fatigue, etc. We conduct 1:1 “tailored” programs for executives in person and offer remote coaching via zoom or skype.
Athlete Coaching
There is an immense amount of pressure inflicted on athletes to perform at a high level; to play more minutes; to exceed their own stats; and be greater than the greats before them. They must compete not only with their opponents but, to a great extent, with themselves, as they are expected to play flawlessly and deliver a pristine performance every time they step out on the field or onto the court. Social media and sports podcasts document—and ruthlessly comment on—their every move.
Athletes are hailed during the good times and the wins but quickly criticized for having even just one bad game. They must cope with tremendous challenges and ongoing stressors, as the sweet success of winning a game is short-lived. This means that athletes must build and maintain the mental fortitude and stamina necessary to confront the mental blocks, barriers, and demanding lifestyle they lead. Our coaching programs support and nurture athletic success, on and off the field of sport.

What's Included

Prework and Inspiration

FREE 30min consultation
Onboarding assessment
360 degree assessment
Emotional intelligence assessment

First Month

Interview with Supervisor
Personal and career development meeting
Job shadowing for a full day

Subsequent Months

2 x 45min Inspire Sessions
2 x 15min laser emergency calls per month (if needed)
Unlimited email support between sessions
Follow up consultation with Supervisor and client every 6 weeks

Integrated Approach

During the discovery process, we explore the needs and aspirations of our leaders and tie it back holistically to support growth and development. We establish a fit between the coach and coachee and ensure our clients feel safe, supported, and in control of their health in the most challenging environments.
There’s no “one size” fit all strategy. We take a flexible approach to specifically meet the demands and challenges of each leader and clarify their objectives. You’ll enjoy a personalized action plan focused on nutrition, mindset, movement, or leadership.
What gets measured gets managed. And we love to drive progress. We don’t coach averages; we coach individual people. No matter your profession, with consistent effort and action – together, we can achieve positive changes.
Our 6-month or 1-year programs are confidential and designed to connect people to the things that are important to their health – the ingredients needed to sustain high impact lifestyle behavioral changes. You can look forward to 45min in-person or virtual sessions with support between sessions.

Over 10 years experience.