Meet Corey

Founder and CEO of Corey Inspires

From birth, Corey endured ‘unspeakable tragedies’ that could have easily been setbacks or death. Rather than succumb to the disease of hopelessness and become a mere statistic, Corey shattered that misconception and broke through when the world expected him to break down.
While obtaining a B.A in Human Relations from the University of Oklahoma, he coached at-risk adolescents in Group Homes to become productive members of society. It was in his training and partnering with private start-ups and Fortune 500 companies globally; he learned sustained excellence doesn’t come at a discounted price. This perspective inspired him to take a more holistic approach and develop implementable strategies for anyone to operate in a state of peak performance personally and professionally.
Organizations love working with Corey, often describing him as the go-to source for mental health/wellness, focused mindsets, and inclusive workplace cultures. He brings a track record of integrity, creativity, and passion for crafting an experience that sustains high-impact lifestyle behavior changes.

Over 10 years of experience.