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This space was created and inspired by people who were courageous at one point, just like you. One day they stopped, in the midst of their day-to-day lives, and asked themselves if they wanted more. A question led to a decision, a decision led to a search for answers, and the search led to the start of a new perspective on life.

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Audiences who have been fortunate enough to have a seat in one of Corey’s speaking engagements describe the extraordinary experience “deeply moving,” and his words “penetrating;” but Corey does not inspire a temporary momentum followed by a decline in motivation and goal attainment.



Perhaps best known as an emergent leader for the next generation, Corey Haynes is a sheer testament of unwavering perseverance with an indomitable spirit. From birth, he endured ‘unspeakable tragedies’ that could have easily been setbacks or death. Never to have known his father and abandonment from his mother forced Corey to live in poverty-stricken environments infested with drugs and crime.

Vision Creator.
Lifestyle Entrepreneur.
Performance Strategist.
Transformational Excellence Addict.



Masterful… A resounding message and replenishing experience

Self is your introspective journey of transformation to live the life that you envision – a richer, more satisfying life. Too often we make excuses and follow a scripted life we believe we should live. In turn, we settle for less than we deserve and what we are capable of. Self is an inspiring message with practical and relatable insights that will empower you to no longer live in fear, stop pursuing validation and move outside your comfort zone. Not only will you experience a massive shift; you’ll celebrate incredible breakthroughs, turn your ideas into actions, and inspire those around us.

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